How to Choose Earrings?

Nothing but earrings can beautify a woman's face and emphasize her individuality and sense of style. The value of jewelry is not always determined by its price. Jewelry should always be in harmony with evening or daytime toilet, women's style of clothing, her hair and eye color, face shape, and of course - lady's mood.

Choosing jewelry is always a very complex process, because it’s not easy to find  an accessory that would at the same  emphasize the dignity of its mistress, complement her image, but not overshadow her beauty. It is important to match jewelry with the woman's style and with the color of her eyes. You should pay particular attention to the earrings, as they are worn in the portrait area, and usually attract one’s attention to themselves  at the first glance.

How to choose earrings? What are the most fashionable models of earrings this year? OXEMIZE is the best place to find and buy trendy earrings online.

The most fashionable earrings

Fashion Season of 2016 suggests us a great choice of jewelry. Everyone can choose the most suitable earrings. Big earrings with semiprecious gemstones and classic earrings are still very popular. Pearls combined with silver, gold and semiprecious stones in fashion this season too.

Here are some types of earrings that are going to be extremely popular this season:

  1. Earrings made of precious metals;
  2. Earrings of ethnic style;
  3. Earrings with elements of flora and fauna;
  4. Earrings of punk style (worn in one ear only);
  5. Studs;
  6. Gold earrings of classic shape.

A distinctive feature of this season is the size of earrings: they should be medium.

How to choose earrings

When buying earrings jewelers advise to examine a lock carefully and then pay attention to the front part of the earring. If gemstones are encrustrated, you should always check how firmly they  are anchored.A lock on the earrings should be simple and reliable, and not to cause pain.

Take into consideration all the factors, but remember that one of the main criteria of your choice is the time of the day you are going to wear them. Bright earrings with large gemstones suit evening dresses perfectly. If you are going to work or on a day trip choose jewelry of simple  design. They should not be too heavy and should suit any clothes.

Small flat earrings with a smooth surface or long jingling earrings would be an ideal solution for young girls. Large silver or gold earrings with a lot of facets would be more suitable for older women. Classic round earrings are recommended for slim and tall ladies  as well as square ones. Tall women are also recommended to wear dangling earrings, but they should also be light in weight . Women of small constitution should choose exquisite earrings of small size.

Another essential factor is how a woman combines her earrings with her clothes. Earrings of Chinese or Middle Eastern style will go well with matching outfits - cut, color and eastern elements are required. If you prefer to wear jeans then pay attention to trendy earrings of North American Indians style made of feathers, chains, beaded fringe.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the shape of your face. If you are a woman with a round face  small and oblong earrings will suit you perfectly. Drop-shaped earrings on the other hand is the best variant for elongated faces. Round earrings are ideal for little faces.

It is also important to combine your jewelry with the color of your clothes. So if your dress is bright  choose simple earrings. You should also pay attention to woman's appearance. Gold jewelry and turquoise is an ideal solution for a blue-eyed blonde. Emerald or malachite will help to emphasize the magic green eyes or to create a perfect contrast with the red hair. Earrings with colorful gemstones such as garnet, amber and topaz are recommended for women with brown eyes.

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