Find a Perfect Toy for Your Kid. Age and Character Challenge

Toys are essential for every child as they help to grow and develop properly. Can you imagine kids' fun and entertainment without toys? It's true that there is a huge selection of various toys and it's usually extremely difficult to choose an appropriate one.

First, any toy regardless of its size, type and material must be safe, top-quality and durable. Toys might possess educational characteristics and functions to promote child's development. Children adore all the functional toys that can be transformed according to their needs or mood. That is why different constructors, dolls’ accessories, musical instruments and kitchen sets are so popular. Educational toys help to develop imagination, motion skills, concentration, creativity and the other skills.

The other important matter is taking the kid’s interests and likes into consideration. Most parents are likely to know their child’s nature and character, so it should be easier for them to choose a kind of a gift their child would like to get. 

Mini Guide to Choosing Toys According to the Age

0-12 months. Infants start to explore the world by watching and touching all subject around them. That is why toys of different bright colors as well as toys that emit sounds such as shakers and rattlers and the toys, which babies can suck such as teethers are preferable. Later you can choose board books or small soft dolls as well as plastic or wooden blocks. Toys for babies can be found here.

1-3 years old. Babies start walking and their cognitive skills may be developed with the help of storybooks and puzzle solving. Their also seek to communicate with the other children and since this age they enjoy pretend play and its variations. You should avoid small details, toxic paints and crayons. Safety is especially important for toddlers, when they can start playing, developing their arm and leg muscles and try to explore the world by all possible means.

3-6 years. More complex constructors, dolls and toys can be chosen for preschoolers. Motor skills and cognitive abilities might be developed with the help of some classic and board games as well as simple vehicles, which can be presented. Educational toys can also help develop the kid’s interest and curiosity. Children can study colors, alphabet and numbers easily by means of colorful and solid construction blocks. Such kinds of toys can also help to develop children's imagination, creativity and communicative skills.

7-10 years. The children grow up and the difference in preferences and interests between girls and boys becomes more evident. Thus, boys would be delighted with various vehicles, complex constructors and models. They may be interested in toy weapon, active sports games with balls and your little fellow would be just happy to get a scooter or a tricycle to ride outdoors. Additionally, young schoolboys are curious about finding out how different devices and other things works and special discovery sets would be appreciated with no doubts.

The girls are interested in dolls, fashion, knitting and sewing. They can be pleased with a kitchen set or a beautiful doll like Barbie with her abundant stuff and the whole house. Their sportsmanship, for example dancing or gymnastics should be supported as well, for proper physical development.

10-14 years. Adolescents are confident in their desires and they can choose a gift independently. It can be a complex RC vehicle or helicopter, a favorite movie disc, musical instruments or an exquisite craft set. Anyway, they do have their personal opinion and they can defend it.

We suggest you a multiple range of toys for kids. It is not easy to choose the most useful and necessary ones. However, the safety requirements, the age suitability rules and the kid’s wishes can help you to make the right choice! Visit our page Babies and Kids Department at and enjoy shopping with us! 

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