Oval Warming Dog Indoor Sleeping Bed With Washable Skin Contact Safe Memory Foam Firmness


Oval bed perfect shape for setting up a sleeping private place for dogs in the rooms corner.
This pet beds is warm, soft and being comfortable to rest on premium quality polyester skin contact safe material.
Memory foam base perfect designed for superior overall comfort to give your pets have a sweet sleep.
Fits in most decor types and makes the "pet resting area" a pleasure to visit by dog.
One side designed be lower to make it easier to step in and out for your pet.
Tips to choose perfect dog bed:
1. Watch your dog sleep.
Some dogs like sleep stretched out and some likes to cuddle.
2. Measure your dog while sleeping.
Measure your dog from its nose to its tail while it is sleeping and add 8-12 inches to length (stretched out) or diameter (cuddle).
3. Special needs.
Some dogs need orthopedic beds made of memory foam, some cooling or heating cover and some waterproof or hypoallergenic cover.
4. Type of bed.
Pillow, hammock or bolster-type bed perfect for dogs who likes stretched out while slipping and cave-style or nesting type for those who cuddle.
5. Easy to maintain and fit.
Choose beds with washable easy to clean with brush for short hair and long hair breed.
Try to image how would it fit in room where your dog like sleep and think about your budget for this to choose optimal option.

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