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Kids Adjustable Inline Skates For Girls and Boys Durable Outdoor Skates Illuminating Front Wheel

Color: blue

Aluminium frame - durable frame, perfect to develop skating skills for beginners. Skate body is made of durable plastic to protect the leg from injuries while skating. Soft boot makes skating comfortable and enjoyable - the soft inner lining is made from breathable material covers foot gently. Adjustable sizes - from 13.5J Kids to 3 Adult US Size, perfect choice for growing leg. Wheels - 82A hard wheels made from high quality polyurethane that make outdoor skating smooth and comfortable. Illuminating front wheel. Bearings - ABEC-7. Triple Closure Combination - Laces, Power Heel Strap and Locking Buckle - comfortable system to put the leg in or from the skate and fix them safely. Available in 5 colors: white-red, black-blue, gray-turquoise, black-red and pink-white. We strongly recommend to wear helmet and knee pads for safer skates riding. These inline skates are not suitable for hockey or aggressive inline skating.

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