Angelic Trio Oil Warmer

$32.85 $25.85

Antler Oil Warmer


Bejeweled Oil Warmer

$22.85 $17.85

Black Spine Tealight Oil Warmer


Black Tear Drop Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Buddha Head Serenity Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Celtic Dragon Incense Burner


Cobalt Blue Tear Drop Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Cowboy Boots Oil Warmer

$35.85 $27.85

Earthen Oven Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Elephant Oil Warmer Trio

$26.85 $20.85

Fire Breathing Dragon Incense Burner


Flower Oil Warmers

$26.85 $20.85

Flower Top Oil Warmer Trio


Happy Buddha Oil Warmer

$31.85 $24.85

Jasmine Scent Set


Mini Oil Warmer Trio

$25.85 $19.85

Modern Art Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Modern-art Oil Burner

$21.85 $16.85

Orbital Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Peacock Plume Oil Warmer

$42.85 $33.85

Skeleton Incense Burner Holder

$26.85 $20.85

Spiral Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Teapot Oil Warmer


Teapot Stove Oil Warmer

$25.85 $19.85

Teapot Stove Oil Warmer Blue


Tear Drop Oil Warmer


Triple-head Dragon Incense Burner

$27.85 $21.85

White Tear Drop Oil Warmer

$21.85 $16.85

Women`s Prayer Oil Warmer

$31.85 $24.85

Yoga Lotus Pose Oil Warmer

$34.85 $26.85

Oil warmers is the element of the interior, which help us to plunge into the world of relaxation and aromatherapy. Aromatic lamp is designed for indoor flavoring in order to relax, improve the nervous system and strengthen the immune system. Oil burners can be made of ceramic, glass and stone. The principle of oil burner is quite simple: you need to light a candle and put it in a niche, find the right essential oil and dilute it with water, pour the mixture into the groove at the top of the lamp. Ceramic aroma lamps heat up very quickly, and thus you will feel the pleasant fragrance throughout the room very quickly.

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