Burning Bush - euonymous


Chinese Lacebark Pine (pinus bungeana 'rowe arboretum')


Deodar Cedar Bonsa Tree


Deodar Cedar Bonsa Tree - cedrus deodara


Deodar Cedar Bonsai Tree - cedrus deodara


Hicks Yew Bonsai Tree - Taxus x media 'Hicksii'


Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree - Upright Style (chamecyparis obtusa 'verdoni') 40


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree - pinus thunbergii 'thunderhead'


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai TreeArt Shaped Curved Strunk With Tiered Branching(pinus thunbergii)


Japanese Green Maple Bonsai Tree - acer palmatum 'Kotohime'


Japanese Maple Bonsai TreeRoot Over Rock (acer palmatum)


Trident Maple Bonsai Tree (acer buergerianum)


Trident Maple Bonsai TreeRoot Over Rock (acer buergerianum)


If you are looking for a special unique gift, nothing can be better than a special bonsai tree
There is no one same tree in the world like this. Amazing species and fascinating shapes.

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