Alpaca Paint & Decorate Money Bank Kit Unique DIY Crafting Set for 8+ Year Old Kids

DIY money bank creation kit is both entertaining and useful gift for your children. Let them express all their creativity and imagination and make their unique money pot. It can also develop their money-saving habit. The kit consists of 1 ceramic alpaca-shaped money bank with removable plastic stopper, 2 paintbrushes, 12 paints and 1 sticker with decorative accessories. All the kit components are made of high-quality non-toxic materials and are safe for your kids.

Important note : The kit includes small components, so it is not recommended for the kids under 3 years.

  • The set consists of 1 alpaca-shaped ceramic money bank, 2 paintbrushes,12 paints and 1 sticker with decorative accessories
  • Let you kid express all its creativity, imagination and artist skills by painting and decorating
  • Help your children to start saving some money for a better day with personal money bank
  • The kit and all its parts are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and is ideally designed for 8+ year old kids
  • If you are searching for an interesting and at the same time useful gift, money bank is your solution

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