Cat Deep Shovel With Litter Scooper Green Caddy Portable Solid Durable Handle And Body Long Last Non-stick No Odor Absorb High Grade Material

$12.85 $75.99

Product Dimensions: 11,8 x 6,3 x 5,9 in.
Waterproof and will Never Absorb Odor.
Squeeze bin to detach scoop and place upside down in bin for minimum storage.
Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use.
Perfect work guaranty with pellet style litter.

Unique and durable design made of high-grade PVC material for easy cleaning

Easy to clean one hand operation with attached bin for wasted cat toilet litter bagging

Perfect size for getting into the corners taking larger scoops help you in your daily chores

Non stick material perfectly helps with pellet style litter and for easier clean up after Fast to wash after using.

Please contact us if you not happy with item or need help

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