Colorful White Yellow Cozy Cotton Hemp Nylon Blend Dress Office Casual Every Day Use Socks 3 Pack Odor Fighting Antistatic Hypoallergenic


Organic eco-friendly premium quality socks available in sets of three.
Hemp contain properties that ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
Hemp is strong natural fiber which helps create a long lasting, comfortable sock.
Ideal for outdoor, indoor, home, sports, office, school, hiking and many other occasions.
Washing with ordinary temperatures. Do not bleach and do not iron.
Becomes even more soft form-fitted after multiple washes.

Style: Women casual dress socks
Size: Women 3-6 US (34-36 EUR)
Package Quantity: 3 pairs
Material: 36% hemp, 25% cotton, 23.1% nylon, 14.7% lessel fiber, 1.2% spandex
Colors: White, Yellow, Pink

Designed for multi-purpose wearing soft & comfortable, breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and odor-fighting

These breathable socks are ideal for both active summer or cold winter days and will make your feet comfortable and soft

Hypoallergenic properties due hemp used in socks growing without pesticides and unbleached

Before using for the first time it's best wash new socks on delicate mod and hang dry it after will not shrink

Material used hemp 36%, cotton 25%, nylon 23.1%, lessel fiber 14.7%, spandex 1.2%, size - women 3-6 US (34-36 EUR)

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