Edelvey Boot Brush Scraper with Handle for Cleaning

Clean up your boots in seconds with our nylon bristles shoe brush.
Our brush perfect to those who want to clean shoes while being gentle and does not damage it.
Perfect for people living in northern states and get a lot of snow, mud or rain.
No installation required comes assembled and ready to work from the box.
Portable size to tae it anywhere you need and comfortable handle for easy use with perfect result.
Light and gentle cleaning thanks to nylon bristles perfect for thin fine suede or nubuck shoe materials
Easy removes dust and residual dirt from your leather boots, shoes, sneakers, jackets, coats, or even furnitures
Works perfectly with any foams, erasers, sprays or cleaning and polishing kits for perfect result
Comes fully assembled to work from the box with comfortable handle and hole on top to hang it on hook next to door
Portable size to take it with you to picnic or hiking just 6.3 inch long to fit any bag or even purse

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