Edelvey Drawer Divider Tabs Organizers, 4Pcs, 13x3 inches each

Perfect for dresser, bathroom, kitchen, office drawers, organizing cosmetic, make up tools, hair accessories, nail polish, jewelry, toothpaste, hair brushes, medicine, silverware, office supplies etc.
Different size drawer organizers which you can customize and rearrange the layout to fit any size drawer or specific need.
Easy snap together assembly but won't be taken off easily, an ideal adjustable storage container for your drawers that comes without any divide grid.
Durable long-lasting plastic is easy to wipe clean or hand-wash with soap and water so them looks like new.
Made of high quality plastic grid dividers can be moved and cut according to your cabinet or drawer size
This 4 pack dividers easy to snap together and create any compartment size you need to organize your drawer
Easy to clean with warm soapy water and sponge and last long so you do not need to change it any time soon
Will match almost any decor type and will not sliding or banging around if you measure and cut accordingly to drawer size
Organize your bathroom makeup, office products, school supplies, crafting, workshop tools, medicine, silverware and more

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