Edelvey Incline Shoe Rack Stand for 2 Pairs

Organize and save space simultaneously, while reducing clutter at home with durable ABS material shoe rack.
Shoes are an important part of any wardrobe and its crucial to organize them to easy access and space-saving.
This 2 flat sole shoe organizer perfect for this purpose. One pair perfectly fit to upper deck and second can fit under rack.
Suits for summer shoes, sneakers, sandals, flats, flip-flops, slippers, espadrilles and other flat sole and not tall shoes.
Comes in 3 colors: Gret, White, Pink.
Perfect to orginize your two pair of sneakers or other flat sole shoes
No assemble need comes ready to use from the box with 3 different colors
Made from durable ABS material to last long and store your shoes
Great to fit shelves or just organize your shoe next to entryway
Easy to clean and wash just hold under the water and dry

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