Edelvey Rice Washer Colander Strainer Bowl

Holes are located only on the front side. No holes on the bottom of the colander.
Available in four colors and two sizes. Have handle on one side. Capacity - 3L
All purpose colander that can even rinse rice grains! The small holes are designed so rice grains can't escape.
Do not put in microwave, oven, freezer or above a direct heat source. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Built to wash berries, small vegetables, beans, lentil, spinach, broccoli, salad leafs and even rice
Ergonomic, space-saving design with comfortable handle will be a lifelong investment for your household
The perfect size of holes is enough to keep food in colander and the density of holes makes draining fast
Safe food grade ABS with no smell will never affect your food taste and rust never will be the issue
Dishwasher safe built to last to make it repeatedly work well and help you with your every day cooking needs

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