Edelvey Small Bathroom Organizer Shower Storage Rack with Hook Wall Mount No Drill Adhesive

Easy installation no-tools required with all needed accessories and user-friendly instruction.
Thick plastic shelf also ensure the durability and can be removed for clean easy without uninstall adhesive tape.
Products are designed to achieve synergy between high functionality and beautiful form.
Hollow corner shower caddy keeps things like shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and facial cleaner air dry.
There are also some small hooks with adjustable position for organize the towel, brushes, bath ball and more.

Installation instructions:
1. Clean and dry the installation area.
2. Install adhesive tape to shelf.
3. Peel off the protective film on tape.
4. Press the adhesive to 90% wall corner.
5. Check the hook by pulling the hook down.
Hook can not be moved by hand which means the installation is right.Great for store for shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, hair conditioner and other bath bottles
Drains the water completely ue ventilated design so soap or other bath products stays dry and lasts longer
Bath shelf comes with powerful adhesive tape ensuring the shower rack stable
Assembly dimension is 2.5 H x 3.7 W x 10.7 L inches comes with all needed accessories and an instruction
Made from ABS material include non-slip tape that keep shower caddy in place and tough hooks

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