Indoor Soft Plaid Warm Pet Cat House With Mat Portable Folding Comfortable Collapsible Transportable

Great couzy cat house of great varuety of colors and sizes with great hearted design allows blend into any decor and create nice sense of security for your pet.
Fully transportable and portable due soft design wich not affect to stability of the house.
Comes in 3 sizes perfect for cats breads such as Siamese, American Sorthair and Persian or other same size cats

To choose appropriate cat house size it?s best to measure your cat to choose right one.
House needs to be just big enough for your pup to enter, turn around, and lie down.
Your pet may not be comfortable when tempreture low if the house is too big so it's better not to be oversize.

Three steps to find the perfect cat house:

1. House Door Size
Door Size height should be approximately 80 percent as tall as your cat?s shoulder to ground measurement.
cats typically lower their heads to enter so what you need to do it's multiply your cats girth by 0.80.
Example - If your cat?s girth measurement - 15 inch, perfect door should be at least 12 inch tall.

2. House Height
Perfect is if house is 20 percent taller that your cats head to ground measument.
By multiplying your pet?s height by 1.20 you get your cats perfect house height.
Example: 19 inch tall cat perfect house height should be 22.8 inch tall.

3. House Length & Width
cat house length and width need to be about 20 percent larger than your cat?s nose to flank length.
Multiply the result of measuring your cat from nose to the base of tail by 1.20 to calculate perfect lenght and width.
Example: 22 inch measured cat perfect house need to be at least 26.4 inch wide and long.

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