Jigsaw Educational Wood Puzzles for Kids Boys Girls Color 26 Pieces with Numbers & Letter Animal Snake Puzzle Toy

The veZve Jigsaw Wood Puzzles are created for the 3+ year old children for educational and entertainment purposes. The toy is designed to develop your's children attention, matching, problem-solving skills, concentration, imagination, motor skills and many other. It is made of high-quality non-toxic MDF wood and consists of 25 smooth edged pieces, so it is safe for your child to play with the toy. It can become a great gift for many occasions such as baby shower, kid's birthday, preschool preparations etc.

Important note : As the toy consists of the small pieces, it is recommended for the parents to supervise their children while they are playing and help them if necessary.

  • The puzzles will help your child to train the patience, develop motor skills and learn problem-solving
  • All toy components are made of the high-quality non toxic MDF wood and has smooth edges, so it is safe to play with for you children
  • The toy consists of 26 color pieces with the numbers and letters on each side so it will be easier for your toddler to assemble all the puzzles in one final composition
  • The jigsaw puzzle can become a great gift for your child on any occasion such as birthday, baby shower party, preschool educational purposes etc
  • In order to prevent your child swallow puzzle pieces, the parent involvement is mandatory while playing

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