Swim Ring Portable Inflatable Kid's Learn to Swim Vests Pool Float Swimming Lap for Kids Age 8+ Girls and Boys


The quick-release front safety buckle is adjustable for a great fit.
Durable polyester material and unique design for superior comfort.
leak-proof button cover and environmentally friendly thick non-toxic PVC.
For KIds Age 8 and Up.
Print with digital and laser and the color of the model is more bright.
It helps kids float and keeps balance in the water, more freedom and confidence to swim or water play.

Unique two airbag designs with double head balloons enhance the security and comfort for the best swimming learn experience.

Elastic high-quality nontoxic skin-friendly polyester materials feel very flexible and offer great mobility.

Secured with a safety buckle at the kid's front and adjustable strap to fit kids age 8 and up.

Easy to get ready in 60 seconds from the compact flat pack to quickly learn to swim and have fun at the swimming pool, beach or lakeside.

Helps kids float and keep balance in the water and it's not a life-saving device MUST be used under constant adult supervision.

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