Variety Girl Dressing Up Magnetic Puzzles Educational Outfit Building Toy for Girls

The magnetic puzzles are a great toy to develop your child's imagination, creativity, concentration, logical thinking, problem-solving and many other skills. The box goes with many magnetic puzzle pieces and 16 magnetic character cards, which your kid may build and you can easily take it with you on your holidays. Also, there is a white drawing board, where your kid can express its imagination and draw amazing pictures. Each puzzle piece can be stuck not only on game magnetic board but also on any other suitable objects in your home, such as refrigerator. The product is made of quality non-toxic materials so your son or daughter can play safely. The magnetic dress-up puzzles can become your child's new favorite toy, so don't miss a chance to get one for your kid.

Important note: As the set consists of many small parts, it is recommended to supervise the children while they are playing to prevent from swallowing small details.

  • Increase your kid's creativity, imagination, logical thinking and many other skills by challenging them with educational magnetic puzzles
  • All the puzzle pieces are made of non-toxic and child-friendly materials and have no sharp edges, so you kid can play safe
  • The magnetic puzzles go together with 16 unique character cards inside one portable box, which you can take with you while travelling in a car, train or plane
  • Your kids can express their creativity not only by building a composition with the help of puzzles, but also draw different pictures on a special white board
  • If you are thinking about gifting your child a new toy, the magnetic puzzles can become one that you kid will play with again and again

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